Tournament Format/Rules


  • IFBC format is a two person team, fishing for two days, total combined weight, live release tournament on Rainy River or Rainy Lake.
  • The Tournament Director has the right to delay or shorten the Tournament, subject to weather and/or safety considerations.
  • All Competitors and Officials will conduct themselves in a true sportsmanlike, courteous, safe and ethical manner. As Competitors, each person represents not only their Team and Sponsors, but also the IFBC and other Teams.
  • International Falls Bass Championship Inc., its promoters, employees, sponsors, organizers, hosts, Directors, Officers and affiliated organizations assisting in the operation of any aspect of the Tournament, their agencies and/or agents and assigns are not responsible for any death, injury, damage, liability, fire, theft or loss that may result prior to, during or after the Tournament howsoever caused.
  • All references to money are in US Dollars.


  • The entry fee for the Tournament is $500.00 per team
  • In order to secure position from previous year’s finish, the entry fee of $500.00 is due in full and must be received or postmarked no later than December 31st  along with a completed registration form.
  • The $500.00 entry fee is non-refundable unless of valid medical certificate is provided.
  • In the event of proper notice of cancellation in writing, received thirty (30) days prior to the first day of the Tournament, the entry fee shall be returned to the Team Captain.
  • Entry fees will be locked in immediately prior to the Rules Meeting in order to finalize Tournament Prizes. Cancellation thereafter will be accepted only for medical emergencies relating directly to a competitor.


  • Competitors must be a minimum of eighteen (18) years of age as of June 30 unless they have the permission of their parents or guardians. All participants will require a WAIVER OF CLAIM, RELEASE AND INDEMNIFICATION AGREEMENT AND PHOTO AND VIDEO RELEASE signed by them or by their parents or guardians if applicable.
  • All anglers must possess a valid Minnesota Fishing License. Anglers fishing Canadian waters must possess a valid Canadian fishing license.
  • International Falls Bass Championship Inc. reserves the right to refuse entry to any Individual or Team for any reason that the Tournament Committee may deem appropriate.
  • There will be a limited field of 60 paid Teams for the Tournament and entries were accepted as follows:
    • Captains of teams 1 through 55 will be offered team numbers for the following year’s tournament corresponding with their final position provided that the full entry fee of $500.00 is received or postmarked no later than December 31st. Any positions not filled by the December 31st deadline will be opened to the through a lottery draw.
    • Teams wishing to enter the lottery must email intent to the angler chair at Email must include both the Captain and the partner name, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. Teams will receive a confirmation of receipt. A live facebook draw will be done February 1st. All teams will be drawn and given a number. Highest numbers will be offered the available positions with the remaining teams being placed on a wait list in the order they were drawn. Any teams inquiring after the draw will be placed at the bottom of the list in the order they are received.
    • Captains of the lottery draw that are offered a position must submit full entrance fee of $500.00 no later than March 1.
    • If a Captain is offered a spot and chooses not to fish, the offer will then be made to the qualifying partner. If the partner accepts the offer then the partner becomes team captain. The new captain must fish as captain of the team in order to hold the team number and qualifying spot.
    • The $500.00 entry fee becomes non-refundable once team numbers are assigned. Any team requesting a refund after numbers are assigned may only be refunded provided there is a wait list and another team to take vacated the spot. Exceptions will be considered by the board in cases of unforeseen illnesses or accidents.
    • The IFBC board of reserves the right to expand the field without going to the waiting list.
  • If, after competition has been started, a team captain or partner is unable to continue for medical, family or other justified reasons, the remaining team member will be given the option of selecting a replacement angler. The replacement angler must not have been on tournament waters during competition. The Director of Tournament Operations must be advised of and approve any angler replacements.


  • Unlimited pre-tournament practice is allowed.
  • Moving fish from one location to another during pre-tournament practice is prohibited, unless specifically requested by the Tournament Director for special purposes. Violations will result in tournament disqualification.
  • All Competitors must cease pre-tournament practice by 3:30 p.m. on the day immediately prior to Day One. PENALTY: Delayed start at 10:00 a.m.
  • No contestant may enter the tournament waters for the purpose of catching or locating bass or possible fishing locations after the after daily tournament hours. Penalty: Delayed Start at 10:00 a.m.


  • Contestants who are late crossing the finish line at the end of the day for whatever reason, including breakdown, will be disqualified for the day.


Fishing Boundaries American and Canadian Sides


  • North boundary – cannot fish past any train or auto bridge
  • East boundary – cannot fish past green marker at mouth of Seine River
  • South Boundary – cannot fish past Kettle Falls Dam, and mouth of the Rat Root River
  • West Boundary – Intl Falls Dam


  • West Boundary – Birchdale Landing



  • Only Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass legally caught on a Tournament day by angling qualify for weigh-in. Violation of this rule is tournament disqualification.
  • A daily limit of five (5) Bass per Team will be weighed. A team may possess the daily Department of Natural Resources Limit while angling only. While under main engine only five (5) bass may be retained in the live-well(s). The penalty for failure to comply is disqualification of the day’s weight.
  • The Official Minimum Length is twelve (12) inches measured from the tip of the nose with mouth closed to the end of the tail with the tail compressed. All fish will be measured on their longest side. A courtesy board, identical to that used by the Tournament Weigh Master, will be available to the Competitors prior to their catch being turned over to the Weight Master or his/her representative.
  • Bass presented for weigh-in which fail to meet the official minimum length will not be weighed and that day’s weight will be penalized at the rate of one (1) pound for each “short” fish. In the event that assessing weight penalties results in a negative total weight for the day, the negative weight shall be carried forward to the next day or subtracted from the existing Team Total, whichever is appropriate.
  • Each Team’s fish must be presented to the Weigh Master or his/her Assistants in the official bags supplied by the Tournament Organizers.
  • All weights, upon verbal acceptance by the Team Captain, and then publicly called by the Weigh Master, are immediately official and are not thereafter contestable.
  • One Team Member must sign the official weigh-in form recording the weight of the catch.
  • Dead bass presented for weigh-in will be weighed. Four (4) ounces will be deducted from the total daily weight for each dead or non-releasable fish that is weighed. A resulting negative daily weight will be handled as per the second sentence of Rule 10(d).
  • Species caught other than Bass must be returned to tournament waters with the exception of damaged fish as per state fishing regulations. All legal fish of any species caught and damaged must be turned over to the Tournament Committee before weigh-in, and may not be kept by competitors. No fish, other than five Bass will be kept in the boat while reporting for weigh-in.


  • Where a team is charged with a rule infraction by an authorized Tournament Official which could result in disqualification of the daily catch or tournament disqualification, the team has the right to appeal the decision to the Tournament Protest and Appeals Committee. Appeals must be submitted to tournament officials at the angler services tent 15 minutes after weigh-in, on the day of notice of the rules infraction.
  • An infraction witnessed by a competitor can be reported to the Tournament Protest and Appeal Committee at the Angler Services Tent. In the event that an infraction is reported or a protest is lodged, a three person Protest Committee, appointed prior to the Tournament, shall convene.
  • Each Team Captain has the right to file a Protest when they have first hand knowledge that a rule or rules may have beenon broken or violated by another Team. A Protest must be filed within Fifteen (15) Minutes of weigh-in with Angler Services to be considered.
  • A $200.00 fee must accompany all protests.
  • Witness(es) may be called to appear before the Protest Committee to provide evidence relating to the alleged rule infraction. At the discretion of the Committee, a polygraph test may be administered to any Competitor directly or indirectly involved or affected by the protest under consideration.
  • The Protest and Appeals Committee will interpret the rules according to their spirit and intent. The decision of the Protest Committee is final and not subject to review of any kind.
  • If the Protest is found to be valid, the protest fee will be returned forthwith and the team protested against must pay the protest fee, plus any polygraph costs, and any penalties imposed if applicable.
  • If the Protest is determined to be invalid, the protest fee will not be returned and the protesting Team must pay any and all investigation expenses including, if applicable, polygraph costs.
  • General Penalties: Teams may be disqualified from the tournament for frequent or major infractions of the rules and will not receive a refund of their entry fee. Examples of major infractions include unsafe boating practices, gross angling ethics violations and violations that clearly give the competitor an unfair or illegal advantage over other competitors, such as, movement of fish, use of live bait, fishing out of bounds, caged fish, violation of provincial and federal fishing and boating regulations, exchanging fish between teams and unauthorized use of under water cameras.


  • Any tie will be decided by the weight of the team’s biggest tournament bag.


  • The Rules Meeting will be held in the theater at Rainy River Community College starting at 4:30 p.m. the day immediately prior to Day One.
  • At least one and preferably both members of the team must attend the Official Rules Meeting. Failing to do so will mean attending a special session at 10:00 am on Day One, before delinquent teams can begin fishing.


  • Participation in the Parade of Boats is mandatory, unless a valid reason is agreed upon ahead of the parade between the team and the IFBC organizers.  A penalty of a one hour delay at the start of day one of the competition will be assessed if violated.


  • International Falls Bass Championship Inc. retains the right to change or amend any or all of these preceding rules at their sole discretion without prior notification or consultation with the Competitors.
  • Final Approved Official Rules of the International Falls Bass Championship Live Release Tournament on Rainy Lake and Rainy River will be given to all Teams as part of their Registration Package, subject only to clarification’s) arising from the Official Rules meeting held on the day, immediately prior to Day One.(See 6 a & b).

If you have specific questions, please contact contact Nancy Peterson at

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